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Welcome to Indigo's Kids!     A Homeschooling Adventure and Family Center


Quality Home DayCare for Your Whole Family!


About Indigo's Kids: A Homeschooling Adventure and Family Center

Love. Family. Support. Growth.

Indigo's Kids, based in Providence, RI, is essentially an ongoing love story dedicated to your family. 

We love the natural curiosity your child brings, and we nurture it with scientific discovery. We love your child's ability to find beauty and amazement in everything, and we salute that with weekly art-based projects.

Perhaps most deeply, we love your child's intelligence, and we celebrate by teaching more than ABCs, but reading, writing, and arithmetic in stages which are engaging, as opposed to overwhelming, for your child.  

We honor your child's emotional intelligence, helping them identify, express and resolve all the confusing emotions life brings their way. 

Indigo's Kids is also an ongoing celebration of you as parents and family members. The work of raising a good, moral, kind, self-confident, prosperous adult is not an easy one. And so it is our commitment to help you by holding parenting workshops, hosting family date afternoons, and offering parent date nights. We'll even make to-go breakfasts for you on those mornings when a little extra help can mean so much. 

When your child graduates our program, they will arrive into the next stage of life able to meaningfully interact with the world. They will be able to read, write, and have both an emotional vocabulary and the self-confidence needed to take on new challenges. 

And you will have had a true partner in our staff in your journey through the early stages of parenthood.  

Call us at 401.226.8281 to schedule a visit, and to learn about our rates. Continue reading below to find our mission statement, and for information about our programming. Also, be sure to check out our photo gallery which features pictures of the daycare, along with home videos demonstrating our definition of educational excellence!

We are so glad to meet you!

Boy at Playground


We take early learning seriously.

Your child has an incredible ability to learn, and we want to supercharge that gift. To put it boldly, we aim to have your child reading, writing, spelling and doing basic addition and subtraction by the time they graduate from our program. And we will do so in a fun, engaging way.

Our work week is designed with a focus on learning core concepts Mondays-Wednesdays. Science Thursdays and Art Fridays allow your child to think about what they are learning through exciting, hands-on projects. Your child will also learn public speaking skills and self-confidence by presenting their project to their peers.


Mission Statement

A Unique Learning Environment & Support for Families

Our primary mission is to support the growth and development of your child through an exciting curriculum which brings together science, art, academics and emotional intelligence. 

Our secondary mission is to be a true support and partner to the families of our children. 

                      We are here to help each other! 

Pictured left: Sovereign Bethea-Gonzalez as a tiger. 

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79 Fillmore Street, Providence, RI 02908


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