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COVID-19: Homeschooling Help

We Can Help!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with homeschooling your child/children? Or perhaps keeping up with all the emails is wearing you down? Are you literally ready to call it quits? If so, then I think I can help.

I homeschool my children, and opened this daycare with the intention of providing daycare and homeschooling for other families. Given the strain that COVID-19 has put us all under, I think this could be my way to help. I am offering three service lines:

1. Email Rescue: I can provide you with a daily summary of emails from your child's school, and alert you to any issues which require your immediate attention. 

2. Homeschooling Help: I can help you streamline the curriculum and weekly lessons to create a workable scenario for you and your family.

3. Homeschooling One-on-One:  Current on-line classroom setups can be chaotic, and can leave your child feeling lost.  And if you find yourself frequently thinking "I did not sign up to be a teacher!", then this is the service for you.  

I can work directly with your child, and give you a much needed break. Assignments will be printed and mailed to you so that your child and I can work, using any PC compatible platform of your choice. I love teaching all ages, especially toddlers. I offer 30 min to an hour sessions. And did I mention "No homework"? 

The best part? These three options are "Pay-What-You-Can". 

Ready to get started? Then email or call using the information below. 

And please feel free to view the rest of the website. In particular the homeschooling videos in the gallery section of this site.  

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